Quattro Feudi – The “Violetto Ramacchese” artichoke, a Sicilian excellence

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    Contrada Quattro Finaite, this is the name of the place where 4 fiefdoms bordered: Monaco, Timpa, Franchetto and Ninfa, once owned by the Duke Trigona of Misterbianco, and where, in 1939, this family of farmers for generations bought lots of land and he dedicated himself meticulously and with great passion and dedication to the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fruit.

    Specifically, the company is now a leader in the production of the "Violetto Ramacchese" quality artichoke. Respecting the ancient family tradition, the artichoke is processed fresh, freshly harvested and preserved in the total absence of colorings and preservatives of any nature and origin. Thanks to the direct production of the artichoke and the scrupulous control of the processing phases, the company aims to respect a very high quality without compromises.

    Quattro Feudi, Contrada Quattro Finaite, 95040 Ramacca (CT)

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