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Castello Montesasso, wines and hospitality from Romagna

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    Castello Montesasso - Fantasya, Vino mosso rifermentato in bottiglia vendita online a prezzi competitivi su
    Castello Montesasso - Fantasya, Mossy wine refermented in the bottle
    Castello Montesasso
    Castello Montesasso – Preludyo, Spumante Brut Rosè vendita online a prezzi competitivi su
    Castello Montesasso – Preludyo 2019, Brut Rosè Sparkling Wine
    Castello Montesasso
    Castello Montesasso - Rapsodya, Romagna Sangiovese Superiore DOC vendita online a prezzi competitivi su
    Castello Montesasso - Rapsodya 2020 BIO, Romagna Sangiovese Superiore DOC
    Castello Montesasso

    The Castello Montesasso agricultural company is a small wine-growing company located in the historic village of Montesasso, 2 km from Mercato Saraceno (Romagna), a characteristic territory made up of gentle hills, the vines are located at 380 meters above sea level, the lands are austere, originating from the marly arenaceous rock and characterized by a pre-Apennine climate. This area mainly produces Romagna Sangiovese DOC, as well as Riesling and Famoso, wines that the company produces with passion and whose vines frame the farmhouse dating back to 1600 and renovated by the owners.

    The company offers a tasting of wines obtained exclusively from grapes coming from its own vineyards, a tasting narrative that starts from the management of the vineyard up to the winemaking method, as well as welcoming tourist hospitality at the farmhouse. The Castello Montesasso farmhouse also offers you the possibility of staying in a historic private residence to spend moments of privacy and conviviality.

    Castello Montesasso , Villaggio Montesasso, 17, 47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC)

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