Who we are

Fine Taste is the meeting point between a long journey and the beginning of a new adventure. For over 30 years we have been traveling throughout Italy, in search of the best artisanal food and wine productions. Niche products, often little known, available in limited quantities and with a strong connection to the territory they belong to. The fruit of the great peasant culture and the true passion of inspired and visionary producers.

In our travels we met many people, listened to their stories, shared moments of joy and frustration, saw many producers grow, visited uncontaminated areas outside the usual tourist routes, discovered places rich in art and culture that we would never have reached otherwise , we grew up chasing the beauty and goodness of our country...

And we continue to do it…always out of passion…always with passion…

This is our new adventure: with Fine Taste we want to make our experience, our discoveries, our emotions available to you.

Live the 360-degree experience of quality food, in the most complete and satisfying way possible.

Give you the opportunity to:

purchase authentic products directly from our producers, at competitive and agreed prices, especially special and limited edition formats;

purchase tasting vouchers at their facilities and be able to personally meet the producers. Our philosophy is to combine the sale of products with emotional experiences, to develop food and wine tourism based on research and the discovery of new territories;

deepen your curiosities with a rich selection of editorial content related to the world of food (specialized publishing, monographs and a curated blog).

Italy in its splendor: excellent food and wine, landscape, itinerant journey, discovery, culture.

Instinctively Italian...And this is just the beginning...