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LE AMANTINE - The identity of a territory

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    The olive tree as a generational bond and expression of the highest quality of a territory

    The Le Amantine farm is located in the heart of Tuscia, in Tuscania, an Etruscan land rich in history, art and traditions, a rural landscape of great harmony and rare beauty. An estate that extends over just under ten hectares and has two thousand trees: the first, of the Caninese variety, were planted in 1936 when the property was acquired by the father of the current owner, Marina Giocchini.

    The aromas and flavors found in the oil are the result of many factors: the geographical position, 330 m above sea level between Lake Bolsena and the Tyrrhenian Sea, the cultivar, the composition of the soil, its grass cover, the microclimate of the surrounding environment, harvesting method and extraction. Anyone who tastes these extra virgin olive oils, which have been at the top of the category for years and have won multiple awards from all the sector guides (Gambero Rosso, Flos Olei to name a few) immediately realizes that they are the most sincere and authentic expression of a still uncontaminated territory, the result of true passion.

    The production process involves extraction in 2 phases, with vertical malaxers. The control of low temperatures, immediate cellulose filtration, stainless steel storage and bottling carried out within the company guarantee the most complete traceability and qualitative integrity of the product.

    The company's production can count on extra virgin olive oils of exceptional quality: "HE", "WE", and the organic "VOI".

    Thanks to the culture of oil and olive trees, the company aims to enhance the typical production of the area. A new visual identity wants to tell the uniqueness of these extraordinary oils and the values ​​of the owner, a table of colors that well represent the Italian spirit, the link between past, present and future with the aim of encouraging sharing and conviviality.

    Producer: Società Agricola Le Mandrie Amantine, Località Le Mandrie, Tuscania (VT)

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