Mauro Morandin – Il Maestro Artigiano e i suoi grandi lievitati

Mauro Morandin – The Master Craftsman and his great leavened products

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    During our winter and summer excursions in Val d'Aosta, any excuse is good to make a detour to Saint Vincent, at the foot of the majestic mountains. Why? Our destination is always the legendary pastry shop of Mauro Morandin, Master Pastry Chef and supreme interpreter of the great Italian leavened products. A true icon among the great names of Italian haute patisserie.

    We at Fine Taste are particularly proud to be able to give you the opportunity to taste these masterpieces which for lovers of goodness need no introduction.

    Just one fact is enough to confirm the absolute quality of Mauro's leavened products: winner for two years (2011 and 2017) of the Best Panettone in Italy for Gambero Rosso!

    Mauro Morandin is a man born and raised in pastry making, a Master Pastry Chef but also an inventor of machines for processing sweets: all conceived, designed and created by him! This is what Mauro Morandin considers high craftsmanship: these machines are much slower and work the dough in a more natural way, to allow the natural process of the product in an optimal way.

    Visionary, would you say? Probably yes, but you will understand it better when you taste his doves, very elegant in their fragrance, perfect humidity and satisfying taste. Inside candied fruit rigorously processed at home with only water and sugar.

    Treat yourself to a special moment.

    Mauro Morandin, Via Chanoux, 105 - Saint-Vincent (AO)

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