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SELVATIQ: artisanal spirits and environmental respect

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    Selvatiq was born to change the rules of the drinks industry , with the aim of creating a sustainable drink , based on wild plants, with an authentic flavour.

    It is a new business model, the ingredients are chosen without leaving any impact on the environment and at the same time wild habitats are protected by raising people's awareness of environmental problems and encouraging them to take care of the environment in which they live, thus supporting the local economy .

    It is a nomadic journey, Selvatiq explores the most uncontaminated territories of Italy and the world, selects and collects by hand wild plants with extraordinary organoleptic richness but which, as invasive or alien, put the balance of local biodiversity at risk, forages therefore by hand and in the right quantity, he works with local distilleries and changes structure every time he creates a new drink. In the end, only the species that manage to restore the essence and soul of the place in which they were born will become part of the ingredients of these exceptional spirits with an authentic and unexpected flavor and very particular sodas with surprising flavours.

    The distilled spirits and sodas are entirely made in Italy, the bottles are made of recycled glass, the labels are made of glue-free recyclable paper and the cans are made of 100% recyclable aluminum with removable labels.

    Selvatiq - Bewilder Beverages Srl, Via Bellini 11, 20122 Milan (MI)

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