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    It is in Piedmont, precisely in Biella, the place where Fortunata Apicella, the mind and arm of TAF chocolate, creates her small masterpieces by selecting the best cocoa available, coming from different countries.

    The entirely artisanal production of the TAF chocolate factory is able to perfectly satisfy the most demanding palates, every single chocolate, bar or praline is made by carefully selecting the raw materials; the chocolates are also the result of true passion and infinite knowledge of the terroir and possible combinations.

    From our site you can find a selection of the highest quality: cream spreadable with gianduia, gianduiotti, filled chocolates, varied chocolate bars and the famous rosemary cremini, winners of the prestigious Silver at the International Chocolate Awards.

    TAF Chocolate, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 5, 13900 Biella

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