12 curiosities about lemons

by Redazione Fine Taste

Lemons are life. They are not as easy to peel and eat as oranges, but they are one of the most versatile fruits around. Whether preparing a tasty lemon cake or a lemon chicken breast, you can use this fruit in both sweet and savory cuisine. Plus, it's not just about cooking! Lemons can be used medicinally, to clean the kitchen or even to dye hair. How many other fruits can you do this with!?

Let's see together these 12 curiosities about lemons

1. Lemons are native to Asia

Did you know that the first lemons came from northern Burma, northeast India and China?

2. Lemons are the best source of vitamin C

Consider that a single lemon contains 53 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. And if you also use the peel, you reach 123 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. This is much more than what is contained in most other fruits!

3. The trees produce a surprising amount of lemons

A large lemon tree, in a well-kept orchard, can produce approximately 225-270 kg of lemons in a single year. That's 1,000 lemons from a single tree per year! Isn't that incredible?

4. The leaves of the lemon tree make delicious teas and herbal teas

Did you know that you can use the dried leaves of the lemon tree to make surprisingly delicious tea or herbal tea? The leaves give a citrus note and are very rich in antioxidants that are precious for our health.

5. Lemons are a great cleanser

Thanks to their high level of acidity, lemon juice is great for cleaning stains around the house.

6. Lemon trees have a long life

When properly grown, the average life expectancy of a lemon tree is approximately 50 years. If conditions permit, a tree can even live up to 100 years!!

7. Lemon trees change color over time

When young, the leaves of the lemon tree have a reddish color. The color turns green after a few years, when they start producing the best lemons.

8. Lemons start out as flowers

Before becoming lemons, these citrus fruits are flowers. They have a delicate scent and reddish buds. The open flowers have 4 to 5 petals each 3 centimeters long. These petals are white, purple and yellow.

9. Lemons are very healthy for those who have to follow a weight loss diet

People on a low-calorie diet can make their food delicious with lemon juice. This is because each lemon contains only 15 calories!

10. Lemons have antibacterial properties

Lemon juice can improve sore throat. This is thanks to their antibacterial properties. So, next time you have some sore throat, try drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice.

11. Lemon juice prevents other fruits from rotting

By sprinkling a few drops of lemon juice on several fruits, you can prevent them from turning brown and moldy. If you have purchased more fruit than you can consume, you can preserve it better after massaging it with lemon juice.

12. The lemon festival in France

To properly celebrate this extraordinary fruit, the Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival) is held every year in February in Menton, France.

Over two weeks dedicated to lemon, in which to admire parades, citrus gardens or taste the different types of lemons. It is certainly not just a local festival as on average over 200,000 people participate every year!

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