What are Mocktails? Five recipes to "set fire" to your evenings!

by Redazione Fine Taste

In this article we deal with a very popular trend, especially among young people, which is influencing and rapidly changing the world of mixology: mocktails.

What are “Mocktails”?

Mocktail simply means a very popular neologism in the United States, but which in fact refers to a product that has always existed: the non-alcoholic cocktail! Mocktail, in fact, derives from the union of two English words: "mock", "fake" and "cocktail", which we all know.

Simply talking about alcohol-free cocktails actually risks trivializing and belittling the products and raw materials, which are often very refined and of great quality. Exclusive blends, sophisticated aromas and calibrated dosages for a drink that is highly satisfying for the palate and without the often negative repercussions of alcohol on our health.

Nowadays the non-alcoholic cocktails consumed in large international bars have nothing to envy of traditional drinks based on gin, whiskey or rum. In other words, mocktails have stopped being considered the "poor" versions of great international drinks and are now considered a real rapidly growing market niche.

The times in which it was "embarrassing" to order a soft drink on certain occasions, after having anxiously browsed the entire drink list of our favorite place and finding, at the last minute, a skimpy proposal on the last page to please children and teetotalers, are over!

The culture of drinking is evolving more and more rapidly, towards consumption that is more conscious and attentive to the effects on health. The aim is to reduce the alcohol content of cocktails, regardless of the time of day in which they are consumed.

The target audience is very broad: those who pay attention to their figure, but who don't want to give up moments of conviviality ; who has to drive at the end of the evening; guys , happy to hold a glass of gin, even if non-alcoholic, to seem cooler; teetotalers or more simply, the curious and the many who seek novelty and hunt for new flavors and surprises for the palate.

The absence of alcohol is no longer the only main feature of mocktails, today the attention focuses on the quality and combination of the ingredients present in this type of drink. Real recipes built, designed and created for different moments of the day. To the rhythm of the seasons, with always fresh ingredients and different flavours, just like in the kitchen! No limits to your imagination! Interesting mixes and always new creations. Scents and nuances of taste, all to be experienced.

Five recipes to "set fire" to your evenings!

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Gin on the rocks



Gourmet ice

Garnish with: rosemary sprig, lime zest




Indian Premium Fever-Tree Tonic 150 ml

Gourmet ice

Garnish with: lime zest, basil




30ml Martini

30 ml Monin bitters

Gourmet ice

Garnish with: Orange slice

White Lady



30ml Triple Sec / Cointreau

20 ml of fresh lemon juice

Gourmet ice

Gin Mule



7.5 ml of white sugar syrup

15 ml lime juice

90ml premium ginger ale

8 mint leaves

Gourmet ice

Garnish with: mint sprig, lime wedge

All you have to do is try!!!

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