How to impress in the kitchen: ten unmissable books under fifteen euros

by Redazione Fine Taste

This week we have decided to share with you a short selection of ten recipe books at a cost of less than fifteen euros.

Volumes capable of satisfying the various needs and curiosities in the culinary field, in an ideal path that goes from appetizers to desserts. We have looked for a proposal that can appeal both to those who are already expert in cooking and want to become the next winner of Masterchef and to those who are starting to take their first steps and need easy, quick, versatile recipes and, above all, capable of offering a sure success result!

Beautiful books not only to read, but to always keep at hand in your very personal culinary library.

Finger food in celebration: NO FINGER, NO PARTY

Tasty morsels for all tastes: easy to prepare, beautiful to look at and suitable for many different occasions.

Today it is certainly easier to use the term finger food to indicate the entire range of tasty appetizers presented in single portions and intended to be consumed informally. Despite their mignon dimensions, they contain a complete tasting experience and are true ambassadors of hospitality.

How many pieces are needed, how to combine them, how to best present them? You will find the answers in these pages accompanied by a selection of recipes to satisfy every need, from the classic cocktail party to the aperitif with friends.

Hot, cold, raw, cooked, to prepare in advance or to take out of the oven at the last moment, there is something for all tastes. Vegetarians, carnivores, fish lovers, sweets lovers: everyone will find their favorite morsel.

To you the choice!

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A nice plate of pasta

It's difficult not to be banal but, let's face it frankly, few things are more appreciated and celebrated than a nice plate of pasta. Perhaps the dish that represents us most, the one most rooted in our DNA.

Cooking pasta seems easy but it requires very fresh ingredients, good culinary technique and excellent timing.

Twenty-eight recipes collected for you to give pasta a worthy honor – with the nuances of the sea, with the colors and flavors of the vegetable garden or with the more robust flavors of meat. Simple recipes, well explained and within everyone's reach.

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Risottos for four seasons

And for those who prefer risotto to pasta?

No problem! Here are the step-by-step instructions to acquire the infallible technique of perfect risotto and apply it to the first fruits of each season.

Appropriate at any time of the year and of great versatility, the perfect risotto represents an important achievement for anyone who tries their hand at cooking.

Ten simple rules to master the basic technique and more than 25 risotto recipes that enhance the first fruits of each season. You will amaze all your guests!

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Deliciously fried

Cross and delight for all of us. The dish with the strongest contrasts. Fried food is delicious, everyone likes it, adults and children alike, but preparing it is a bit laborious; It arrives steaming and crunchy at the table, but leaves a penetrating aroma in the house. The problem is not in the fried food, but in our gluttony! We can't help ourselves in the face of true goodness. In this book, the secrets for preparing fried food in a balanced and healthiest way possible are revealed to you, obviously without losing its wonderful taste.

Twenty-eight proposals for all tastes, also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and without forgetting fish lovers. Tempura, zeppole, krapfen, croquettes: all resistance goes to waste!

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Pizza flower

Could we celebrate pasta without talking about the other cornerstone of our cuisine? Pizza!

Even in this case, its apparent simplicity is deceiving: the classic disc seasoned with a few tasty ingredients requires perfect cooking to express itself at its best. Pizza makers have equipped themselves with the perfect tool, while the home oven does not always reproduce the desired results, at least until now.

In this book you will find the solution to all your doubts every time you prepare a homemade pizza. Starting from a series of three basic doughs, you will find the technique and recipes to create a pizza of the highest level: balanced in taste, healthy in the choice of the best fresh ingredients and cooked "to perfection" with the help of the baking tray. The scallop focaccias are perfect for a cocktail, while the potato focaccias accompany a cheese platter very well; the wallet pizza is suitable for a picnic. There is no shortage of vegetarian and vegan options and not even some sweet options.

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Italian omelettes

Italian omelettes: a portrait of our peninsula in yellow, or with the egg. Poached, crunchy, stuffed, puffed, elegant, popular, nutritious and, last but not least, inexpensive, the omelette proves to be a transformative dish, in perfect harmony with our times and our pockets.

The journey taken in the book is not only geographical, but also temporal. With a pinch of nostalgia, the author offers us not only the omelette of memories but also the many omelettes acquired in that traveling adventure that is life as a chef. Twenty-seven recipes, enriched by the notes of a nutritionist, for a great Italian classic. A dish that is sometimes a little mistreated, but always much loved.

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Cheese in the kitchen

Twenty-eight recipes that offer a starring role to cheese in all its nuances of aromas and flavors.

Despite the rich national production of cheeses and the ease of finding just as many varieties from abroad, when it comes to cooking with this wonderful ingredient there is a tendency to fall back on habits.

None of this in this book, just imaginative and particular recipes. Any examples? Parmigiano Reggiano appears in crème brûlée and Gorgonzola in chocolates. The mozzarella becomes a mousse and the goat cheese is transformed into an extraordinary fondue. Fresh, matured and blued, melted, grated and creamed, the cheeses know no boundaries: they play a key role in 28 recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts. Amazing.

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No smoke, just roast

And where do we put Sunday lunch? With its beautiful roast surrounded by crispy potatoes and vegetables flavored in sauce? The stuffed veal roll, the pork shank in beer, the rabbit in porchetta, the lemon-scented roast chicken, the stuffed guinea fowl, the meatloaf with olives, the Christmas capon... And so on and so forth! Don't joke, the meat must be chosen with care, the oven preheated properly and the roast must be monitored carefully. Small sacrifices that are worth making to savor the satisfaction we feel when the oven returns a beautiful, perfectly golden and succulent piece of meat. Few moments are as satisfying for those who cook as bringing a perfect roast to the table. Twenty-eight recipes that will give you as many triumphant experiences!

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Quick and easy chocolate with the microwave

Pastry chefs were among the first to realize that the microwave oven could become a great ally. It is actually a great ally in the kitchen, it melts the chocolate gently and brings it to an ideal temperature to be worked and shaped as desired. In this way it is also possible at home to make filled chocolates, create delicious coatings for fruit and miniature sweets and create beautiful decorations. All in less than 10 minutes!

With 30 recipes ranging from spoon desserts to baked ones (designed for microwave cooking), from drinks to ice cream, from spreads to maison bars, the book offers many ways to enhance the most loved ingredient and transform your cooks in a small pastry shop.

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Tarts for all seasons

Fruit, fresh and ripe, is our daily dessert. Fragrant, colorful and intensely tasty, it fully satisfies our senses. We are often torn between the desire to devour it immediately or keep it so we can share it with someone we love. The tart is the perfect answer to this doubt. In this book you will discover 28 recipes that feature this homemade and rustic dessert, but full of emotional associations.

Delicious and tasty pairings such as honey and walnuts, pears and red wine, oranges and chocolate, strawberries and cream, peaches and amaretti... Have fun!

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