How to best cut and serve Easter Colomba

by Redazione Fine Taste

In this short article we want to give you all the information necessary to serve your Easter Colomba in an impeccable way worthy of a master pastry chef.

Nothing complicated, just five simple rules to best enjoy this characteristic dessert.

To some they may seem "exaggerated" but we assure you that they really make a difference. Buying an artisanal dove and risking not appreciating it at its best is a shame.

Here, then, are the five rules to follow:

1. Pay attention to the serving temperature

In general, you should store the dove in a cool, dry place. Before being served it should be left to "rest" at room temperature for about a day. It seems trivial, but with this measure the fragrance changes completely. You can check it for yourself: just take a piece of dove, hold it closed in your hands for a few seconds and then open them again. You will feel the delicious aromatic impact of the citrus fruits or other ingredients that compose it!

2. The type of knife

Another fundamental rule is the type of knife that must be used: To cut the Easter Colomba you must use the one with a serrated blade, which is usually used to cut bread. For what reason? To be able to cut the cake without crushing it.

3. The film

Before cutting, we must "peel" the Colomba: the film that wraps the Colomba must be removed, so that the knife cut is clean, without encountering resistance and without ruining the precious icing on the surface.

The film remaining on the bottom of the Colomba must be removed when serving the slice.

4. The “perfect” cut

This is the crucial point! The first central cut divides the Colomba exactly in two. Subsequently, you cut smaller and smaller slices as you move away from the center and closer to the ends. In this way each slice will have the width of the entire "body" of the dessert. When serving the Colomba, you can make the cuts more homogeneous, for example by dividing the larger slices in two.

5. The tasting

Here we are...The most enjoyable moment has arrived: the tasting! If the dove is handcrafted and of high quality, you will experience a moment of pure ecstasy!

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