What are nomadic GINs?

by Redazione Fine Taste

Among the thousands of Gin labels in circulation, why is it worth choosing a nomadic GIN? What is different from the vast majority of gins on the market? Where can it be purchased?

Let's try to answer these questions together by listing the characteristics of our selection of nomadic GINs:

Innovation and research

Our selection concerns a type of gin whose essences are the result of an exasperated foraging search in the wildest and most uncontaminated Italian places. A study on mixing and discovering original and artisanal flavours. We are talking about real expeditions: the coasts and hinterland of Puglia, the Natural Reserve of the Mincio Valleys, the coasts and Mediterranean scrub of Sardinia, the mountainous areas of Valtellina and Valmanenco.


Itinerant production to support small local businesses, partnerships with artisanal microdistilleries, zero environmental impact. A new journey, a new itinerary, a new horizon every six months!

Limited production

Wild habitats, rigorously hand-picked herbs and artisanal processes: all this to create a unique product in terms of taste and organoleptic properties.

Biodiversity and sustainability

Non-invasive approach to the territory, safeguarding its identity and respect for the environment: recycled glass and recycled paper labels applied without using chemical glues.

100% Italian product

Gin obtained entirely using Italian raw materials.

Only the true essence and wild spirit of our Mediterranean habitat, no other compromise than the total search for authenticity and quality.

Imagine your summer evenings at sunset, the atmosphere of relaxation and pleasant abandon, the sound of ice in the glasses, your favorite Martini... Or a Gin & Tonic or a Negroni?

Drink responsibly but with quality. Try the nomadic Gins we have selected for you and let us know.