The four main benefits of raw milk cheeses

by Redazione Fine Taste

Today we're talking to you about the category of raw milk, unpasteurized cheeses.

Cheese is definitely one of many people's favorite foods.

Personal tastes and allergic situations aside, enjoying a good cheese is always a pleasant and highly satisfying moment.

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Raw milk

Raw milk is freshly milked milk, perfectly sterile, which has a temperature of around 37°. The bacteria begin to proliferate as soon as the milk comes into contact with the environment and the air. With the necessary preparation and due professionalism, these are not dangerous contaminations, but rather specific microbiological characteristics that allow the production of cheeses of a high quality standard.

Precisely because it is unfiltered and not heat-treated, raw milk is extremely rich in vitamins (especially A, C and D), proteins and fats, which vary based on the type of animal it comes from. It is a milk capable of providing a lot of calcium and iron. Precisely due to the absence of heat treatment, raw milk must come from farms where hygiene standards and animal welfare are of the highest quality.

Not only. When cheesemakers use raw milk for their cheeses, they must process it within a very short time after milking and in places close to the farms. It is a very virtuous circuit, it is no coincidence that many dairies now have trusted farms, of which they know the perfect standards of breeding of cows, sheep and goats.

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The four benefits of raw milk cheeses

Let's analyze together the four main benefits for which it is worth consuming, obviously without exceeding, raw milk cheeses.

1. Facilitates digestion

Raw milk cheese is easier to digest. For what reason?

Because it is richer in enzymes capable of facilitating and improving digestion. Unfortunately, it is precisely the enzymes that are altered or destroyed during the pasteurization phase.

2. Excellent source of protein

Raw milk cheese represents a very rich source of protein. In fact, milk is considered a "complete protein," meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids needed for your body to function at an optimal level. Protein is necessary for muscle, tissue, hair and nails, and immune function.

3. Rich in bacteria necessary for the intestinal microflora

Raw milk cheese is a great source of bacteria to nourish the intestinal microflora (microbiota). These beneficial bacteria play a key role in keeping your immune system healthy.

4. A mine of substances necessary for our body

By now we understand that raw milk cheese is rich in bioavailable vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also contains specialized immunity components such as lactoferrin (protects against virus infection) and consuming raw cheese with specific immunoglobulins helps strengthen our immune system!

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We hope that you enjoyed this short article, which has no scientific ambitions, and, above all, that it made you want to taste our raw milk cheeses.