The most evocative tasting experiences in Northern Italy

by Redazione Fine Taste

Today we want to talk to you about what, in our opinion, are among the most evocative tastings in Northern Italy.

Talking about tastings allows us to announce some great news for Fine Taste: starting now you will also have the opportunity to purchase tasting vouchers directly on our website! You can taste our products directly by visiting the facilities of our Partners.

We care a lot about this aspect: being able to combine the sale of niche food and wine products with sensorial experiences at our producers. Develop a tourism of research and discovery of the products and the territory from which they come. Live the experience of quality food in the most complete and satisfying way possible.

Having said this, what characteristics should a tasting have? What are the reasons that drive you to visit one manufacturer rather than another? Why should we travel and invest time and money? Just for the pleasure of good things? Or because traveling is always a rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience?

In selecting these experiences we considered what are, for us at Fine Taste, the key factors of our trips:

Product quality

We want to taste products of great quality, often award-winning, which represent the essence of a territory and its peculiarities. Products that have a soul, that tell stories.


I hope you agree with us that if you taste quality products in contexts rich in history and charm, scenic and captivating, it is a completely different experience! The journey must be beautiful not only for the palate but for the eyes and the mind! When we talk about suggestive locations, we are not necessarily talking about luxury, but about naturalistic context, landscape, the pleasure of traveling around our country.


It's nice to be welcomed with enthusiasm and a smile. Prepare yourself for stories and information, taste and learn with a new spirit. Feel good and feel good.

Going home satisfied, with the desire to delve deeper and enjoy!

Ready to taste? Ready to go? The splendor of our country is within everyone's reach.

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Count Vistarino - Lombardy

Less than an hour's drive from Milan, just past Broni, the road to the estate becomes a real journey into nature. The Scuropasso valley is certainly among the most evocative places in the Oltrepò Pavese, you literally drive immersed in a panorama of rolling hills, rows of vineyards and historic farmhouses.

Tenuta Giorgi Vistarino has ancient, Renaissance origins, which date back to the mid-1400s.

It was Count Augusto Carlo Giorgi of Vistarino who first started the cultivation of Pinot Noir in the mid-19th century, importing the first cuttings from France. And he was the first in Italy to vinify them according to the classic method.

It is precisely this noble vine that is the undisputed king of the production of this estate. Definitely a point of reference for Pinot Noir in Italy. Vinified in red and white for the base of sparkling wines.

The cellar where the tasting takes place has recently been renovated: cutting-edge equipment and high-tech machinery make it an environment full of charm and elegance.

Tenuta Mazzolino - Lombardy

Tenuta Mazzolino extends in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese controlled designation of origin area, on the right bank of the Po river, in the hilly area close to the Apennines.

Even in this case, pinot noir reigns supreme. The company crus are cultivated in such a way as to enhance every single expression of them. No fertilizers: only copper and sulfur are used for treatments.

The winery's task remains to safeguard the expression of each single vineyard right up to the bottle. Each wine, in fact, has always originated from the same parcels which have a name and a precise identity that we try to discover and respect with each harvest.

Noventa - Lombardy

The passion of the Noventa family has very ancient roots: since the end of the nineteenth century they have cultivated vines on the difficult slopes of Botticino.

An arduous and tiring lifestyle, heroic viticulture. Always with full respect for the territory, the people who live there and motivated by the passion for the world of Italian wine.

Today in Botticino the Noventa family cultivates 11 hectares of vines on the high hills and since 2011 the estate has been registered in the register of organic operators of the Lombardy Region.

The effect of the marble quarries in the midst of the vineyard plots is beautiful and alienating!

Villa Oppi - Emilia-Romagna

Villa Oppi was born as an ancient Roman post office (a sort of inn where only Roman soldiers could stop to eat, change horses and refresh themselves) thanks also to its strategic position along the Via Emilia.

Subsequently, the welcome was also extended to all people passing through, generating a flourishing business which made it necessary to expand the estate as evidenced by the construction of the oldest wing of the villa in 1524.

An anecdote that makes you smile if you think about the emphasis that is made today to celebrate the so-called zero km: since the beginning everything that was served to the guests of the estate was "zero km" including the wine which was the main product !

A visit to this place is like a step back in time: tasting wines in the castle, under the portico and in the medieval room is certainly an experience worth the trip.

Highly recommended: less than five minutes by car, don't miss a visit to the famous Masone Labyrinth, a truly magical place for its history and preserved art masterpieces. The last, grandiose dream realized by Franco Maria Ricci. Trust us blindly: you will truly have a memorable day.

​Antica Acetaia Cavedoni - Emilia-Romagna

In Castelvetro Modena, home of the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena, one of the oldest vinegar factories in Italy: Antica Acetaia Cavedoni, founded in 1860.

A small artisan company that jealously guards the secrets of the production of the famous and original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the iconic Italian product par excellence.

During the tasting there is the more unique than rare opportunity to taste a vinegar aged for over a hundred years! A century of history in a few drops! We tasted it: sublime and poetic.

Montesasso Castle - Emilia-Romagna

Castello Montesasso is a small organic artisanal winery located in the historic village of Montesasso near Bagno di Romagna. It is considered one of the most evocative cellars in all of Emila Romagna. The scenery speaks for itself: an uncontaminated panorama just a few kilometers from the sea! We are in the production area of ​​Romagna Sangiovese DOC at 380 meters above sea level, in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennine chain.

You will be amazed to taste the various versions of Sangiovese in its most fragrant and carefree guise.

Tenuta Mara - Emilia-Romagna

A few kilometers from the sea in a glimpse of rare beauty. Visiting Tenuta Mara means living an extraordinary taste experience, certainly one of a kind. Not just wine but works of art en plein air in the property's vineyards, classical music as the background during the visit, places full of charm and history. Nature and beauty everywhere.

MaraMia is produced here, one of the reds you will taste and which for years has been the symbolic wine of this reality and one of the most awarded Emilian wines.

Villa Venti - Emilia-Romagna

Villa Venti is an artisan reality between Roncofreddo, a small medieval village of great charm, and Longiano, a cozy town defined as the 'Ideal Village' by the European Community.

We are very close to the sea, to Cesenatico, to Rimini, to the social rhythms of the Romagna Riviera.

Here, however, the scenario changes, we are in a world of its own, in terms of lifestyle, traditions, culture, rhythms. All in the name of craftsmanship, sharing, with a conscious, sustainable and respectful way of living.

Just look around to understand that we are not being rhetorical.

The production of the wine is entirely organic and allows the pleasant scent of the earth with all its nuances to be transferred into the glass. The freshness and cleanliness of the wines will surprise you.

Le Piane - Piedmont

We dedicated our previous blog to this cellar, to which we refer you for the description.

Pisoni - Trentino-Alto Adige

The Pisoni winery belongs to FIVI. For the non-experts, the acronym stands for Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers.

We are in the Valle dei Laghi a few km from Trento. Postcard location: explosion of light and colours, characteristic Trentino vineyards, crystal clear lakes and surrounding mountains.

If you have time available, it is certainly worth visiting the nearby lakes: Lake Cavedine, Lake Toblino with its castle and Lake Terlago.

The particular "Mediterranean" microclimate makes this area the ideal habitat for the cultivation of vines and for the production of wines rich in character and personality.

A very rare wine, a Slow Food Presidium, is also produced here: Vino Santo Trentino. At this moment we won't reveal anything else to you because we want to dedicate an ad hoc blog to this product very soon. Follow us to find out more. However, know that in the tasting we propose you will be able to taste it.

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