Why drink craft beer? A semi-serious guide

by Redazione Fine Taste

Let's get straight to the point. Sooner or later we find ourselves faced with the "fateful" choice: do I drink an industrial beer with a well-known and widely distributed name or try a beer with predominantly local distribution and artisanal production? Before your tachycardia increases, let's see what the differences are between these two products.

Is it the glass in which they are served that makes the difference? Are the artisanal ones drunk by the barrel? Do the artisanal ones smell more? Are industrial ones bought at the supermarket? Sorry, none of this.

The first and fundamental distinction concerns the production phases: industrial beer is subject to two processes that are not applied to artisanal beer, namely pasteurization and filtration. Pasteurization is a thermal process which, through steam, raises the temperature of the beer to 60 degrees. Together with microfiltering, it purifies the drink from any microorganisms. On the other hand, these two processes also eliminate yeasts that give character and typicality to the flavor of the beer. These two processes precisely define the commercial nature of the product: flattening of the aromas of the beer, uniform product, recognizable everywhere by any consumer, longer shelf life and greater resistance during transport.

Craft beer is the exact opposite: it does not require any chemical alteration, it is not pasteurized, it is not filtered, it must be kept at low temperatures, it must be consumed quickly, it must be stored in optimal conditions and suffers greatly from transport ( this is why we at Fine Taste guarantee the product directly from the manufacturer, so as not to lose any organoleptic properties linked to poor preservation and prolonged transport ). Craft beer is therefore a "living" food that retains all the original aromas and scents, and the nuances of taste determine its peculiarities. Being "local" means experimenting with new blends with typical local products and offering a wider and more varied range of options, not becoming stuck on a single and uniform taste that is always the same over time.

And now? Drink the beer you like most!

At Fine Taste we prefer artisanal ones...satisfaction guaranteed!