Why is Italian coffee the best in the world?

by Redazione Fine Taste

When did the cult of coffee begin in Italy?

There is no story: espresso, milk and cappuccino are words that fascinate us Italians when we talk about coffee. The introduction of coffee in Italy dates back to the 18th century and since then the love and enthusiasm for coffee has never faded. When the first coffee was poured in Venice, at the legendary Caffè Floriàn, Italians immediately showed their adoration for what would become a huge part of Italian culture and the way of being Italian.

Caffe Florian in Venice where coffee was served for the first time

The Church initially opposed the drink, because its energizing properties were frowned upon and it was even considered a satanic drink, associated with the devil!

Fortunately, the demonization by the Ecclesiastical Authorities quickly passed and the drink became popular in Italy as in the rest of the world, becoming a favorite among artists who found cafés as a meeting place for cultural and literary discussions.

Thanks to its central location and its refinement, the Floriàn has in fact attracted famous people from all over the world such as Casanova, Goldoni, Foscolo, Byron, Goethe and Rousseau since the beginning.

Coffee later spread throughout the West, making the drink that moment of pleasure that we all know today and which is synonymous with the Italian lifestyle.

Let's think for a moment about how common phrases like "have a coffee", "let's have a quick coffee" or "we should have a coffee together one of these!" are and how much they impact our lifestyle.

These are just some of the commonly used phrases that reflect how much this energizing drink based on ground coffee is an integral part of daily life and culture for us Italians.

Let's face it frankly, who could do without coffee? Of the tenderness aroused by the "machine", the beloved moka, which was created for the first time in 1933 and which survives well into the modern era despite the unstoppable success of capsules and pods? The almost physical pleasure of entering a bar and ordering an espresso? Impossible!

When it's “l'espresso” appeared for the first time?

Since when can we start talking about Italian "espresso coffee" as we know it today?

Espresso in the sense of "prepared on the spot", "prepared quickly", was born following the need to reduce the time taken to prepare coffee in public places and to respond to the increasingly faster pace of metropolitan living.

Who invented the first steam espresso machine?

Luigi Bezzera inventor of the coffee machine In 1901 the Milanese engineer Luigi Bezzera introduced and patented the first steam coffee machine, very similar to the one we are used to seeing in today's bars. Bezzera's first patent led to other ingenious patents but to arrive at espresso as we know it today we had to wait until 1948, the year in which the much loved drink was perfected by the Milanese barista Achille Gaggia .

Achille Gaggia coffee machine

Gaggia introduced the pressure extraction of the beans. This new technique was fundamental to the history of espresso coffee, because it finally allowed the drink to be obtained in an even more concentrated, more aromatic form which immediately became famous for its creaminess and compactness.

Gaggia coffee machine

Here we are finally arrived at espresso coffee as we know it.

After the invention of Achille Gaggia, patents began to appear for new models of professional coffee machines.

Achille Gaggia coffee machine

From this moment on, an important growth in patents began, especially in the 40s and 50s of the last century. Two decades in which large companies began to produce models that were increasingly accessible to the general public.

Until today, when it is no longer even necessary to go to a bar to enjoy a professionally made espresso. There are models of domestic coffee machines that produce espressos and cappuccinos of an even higher standard than those found in bars. This is because in addition to the technically perfect method that the machine already provides, there is also the choice of ground coffee or preferred coffee beans.

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