A mountain rarity: Grappa al cirmolo and its properties

by Redazione Fine Taste

It's holiday time and, for those in the mountains, time for healthy walks, relax in the nature, lunches in refuges and bucolic life. Precisely in reference to the mountains, today we want to talk to you about a particular type of grappa, grappa al cirmolo.

Among the various grappas it is certainly the rarest and least known. For what reason?

Let's start with the main ingredient, cirmolo.

The cirmolo is the cone of the Dolomitic pine, a particular species of Alpine pine present above 1800 meters and known to grow up to 25 meters high and even reach 1000 years of age!

Cirmolo cones are very rare and precious as they only grow on plants over 50 years old and therefore are found very high on the stem, making collection very complex. The characteristic of these pine cones is that they are very digestive, with a pleasant, very persistent balsamic aroma.

For these reasons they are used to produce a very special and rare grappa, grappa al cirmolo. After harvesting, the pine cones are cut by hand and left to macerate in grappa, thus obtaining the rare and beneficial distillate.

How is grappa al cirmolo best appreciated?

We give you three suggestions: the first traditional, the second reinterpreted in a contemporary key and the third paired with a dessert. The choice of what you prefer is yours!

Traditional method: as a digestive at the end of a meal, at room temperature, sipped in the classic "tulip" glass for grappa.

Contemporary method : as a digestive but this time on the rocks, with ice, and drunk in a whiskey tumbler!

Pairing with dessert : put a few drops on cream or hazelnut ice cream...Enjoyment guaranteed!

If you want to try our artisanal grappa al cirmolo, you can find it here.