Artisan Easter egg: why choose it

by Redazione Fine Taste

There are now just a few days until Easter and for many of us the time has come to buy the chocolate egg, the sweet symbol of this holiday, loved and known by adults and children.

Why do we eat chocolate eggs at Easter?

The tradition of giving Easter Eggs as a gift has very ancient, sacred origins. It was born as a gift from a symbol of rebirth and hope and continues to this day as a dessert loved by most people.

If you look at the numbers and sales statistics, today the best-selling chocolate egg is the industrially produced one. Just enter any of our supermarkets to see huge shelves full of colorful and, very often, cheap Easter Eggs.

Nothing wrong, in fact, but these are industrial products, very different from those created by the Italian master pastry chefs who keep artisanal production alive.

Italian imagination is unstoppable. During the Easter period, artisan pastry chefs indulge in creating real works of art. The base or the surface of the egg itself becomes the support for very suggestive decorations and arabesques. And then the tastes! Every year eggs appear with new blends and increasingly original scents.

For us at Fine Taste, only one rule applies: if you give chocolate as a gift, it must at least be good and of good quality. But it's not always that easy to choose!

Here are the main differences between artisanal and industrial chocolate eggs.

Processing techniques

In the industrial egg the details and contours are always poorly defined. There is a specific reason for this: industrial production uses machines, there are specific times to respect, it is therefore necessary that the egg can be easily extracted from the mold and therefore not overworked.

The exact opposite occurs in handcrafted creations: the details are always marked and clear, full of indentations and grooves, small masterpieces of inlay and chisel. Obviously, to be able to do all this, a lot of attention and care is needed to extract the eggs from the molds. In quality production, haste is tyrannical!

Visually, even the less expert eye immediately perceives the differences.

Type of chocolate used

In the industrial product, generally, only one type of chocolate is used.

To make some artisanal Easter eggs, up to three different types of chocolate are also used in the same mold. It's not just a question of taste.

To work optimally you need to have a precise and firm hand to fill in the details without smudges, and you also need to let the mold cool between one type of chocolate and another.

Creating quality costs sacrifice and sweat!

Quality and origin of the chocolate used

In industrial products, in order to offer a competitive price, very high quality chocolate is not usually used. Often, in fact, in industrial products the traditional cocoa butter is replaced with other lower quality oils or fats which, as well as the added flavorings and additives, transform the Easter egg into a real surrogate of the original.

It is mainly a question of cost. High quality cocoa is expensive, even more expensive if it is single origin or comes from particular geographical areas and crops.

The Master Pastry Chefs do not compromise! If we have to talk about excellence, everything must be at the highest levels: technique, manufacturing process, ingredients and quality of the chocolate.

The enveloping flavor, the exotic scent of high quality chocolate has no comparison. Sublime!

Not just appearance therefore, but lots and lots of substance.

Choosing an artisanal product is not just a question of price and taste, it means celebrating a great tradition and supporting small and medium-sized industrial companies in our country.

To you the choice.

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