Cantina Pisoni – Vino Santo Trentino DOC Organic Slow Food Presidium 2007

Pisoni – Vino Santo trentino Bio FIVI 2007 Presidio Slow Food vendita online su
Cantina Pisoni – Vino Santo Trentino DOC Organic Slow Food Presidium 2007
Cantina Pisoni – Vino Santo Trentino DOC Organic Slow Food Presidium 2007

Cantina Pisoni – Vino Santo Trentino DOC Organic Slow Food Presidium 2007

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Vino Santo Trentino DOC Slow Food Presidium, a great organic passito rich in history and ancient charm.

Format 0.500 cl.

We are in the Adige valley, an area dotted with dozens of small lakes of glacial origin and a mild climate. Nosiola is cultivated on these lands, a rare native vine which represents only 1.5% of the total production of Trentino grapes, from which the legendary organic Trentino Santo wine, a Slow Food Presidium, is obtained.

To produce it, the bunches of sparse grapes from a few old vineyards are harvested exclusively by hand. The reason is simple: they are the only ones that allow very long drying. The late harvested bunches are left to dry on special racks and placed in the attics. The constant annual ventilation, the so-called "Garda hour", is guaranteed by this characteristic wind that blows from the neighboring lake of the same name. The drying is very long, it lasts for over five or six months, in late spring, until Holy Week (from which it takes its name). The noble rot (Botrytis cinerea) which develops exclusively inside the berry, accentuates dehydration which causes a drop in yield of over 80%.

Just think that from about 10 kilos of fresh Nosiola grapes, you get just 1.5-1.8 liters of vino santo must.

Once the pressing operation is finished, the must is decanted into small oak barrels where natural fermentation begins and where it matures for a very long time, from 6 to 8 years. This process is made possible by the very high concentration of sugars.

And it's not over: after bottling the life of this wine begins again, which can even age for over 50 years.

A little curiosity: once upon a time, holy wine was considered a sort of medicine: a tonic for the diet of convalescents.

This great wine can easily boast the title of "the passito of passitos": no other wine, in fact, remains naturally dried for so long.


The organic Vino Santo Trentino has a bright amber color, the nose is very fruity and with complex hints of apricot, ripe peach and tropical fruit. Subsequently, other very varied aromas emerge, among which honey, candied fruit, coffee and leather stand out.

The balsamic note in the finish is surprising.

Great balance and elegance on the palate, the concentration of sugars is perfectly tempered by the freshness. Softness and roundness complete the pleasure of tasting this extraordinary wine.


We suggest tasting it pure, as a meditation wine.

It pairs perfectly with traditional Trentino dry pastries but also goes well with blue cheeses.


Region: Trentino

Denomination: Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT Bio

100% Nosiola grape variety

Vinification and refinement: 9 -10 years in acacia and steel barrels

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Serving temperature: 14-18°C.

Contains sulfites

Produced and bottled by Azienda Agricola Pisoni - Via San Siro, 7 - 38070 Pergolese di Lasino (TN)

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