Ganga Lupo – Shelled almonds

Ganga Lupo – Shelled almonds

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Shelled artisanal Apulian almonds perfect as a snack at any time of the day.

With a sweet and intense but at the same time balanced flavour, they are characterized by a very low acidity and a marked softness, with notes of butter at the end when tasted.

Almonds have very interesting nutritional values ​​and can be very good for our health.

Let's delve deeper into these topics starting with nutritional values.

For every 100 grams of product, almonds provide 576 calories. The carbohydrate and protein content are important. Almonds are rich in fiber and also provide a good amount of calcium and potassium. The contribution of carbohydrates is marginal but is interesting considering that most of these carbohydrates are slowly absorbed.

The most marked characteristic of this precious food is its richness in fats. The 54% weight of dried almonds is due to their fatty acid content. Don't be scared and don't turn up your nose! We are mainly talking about healthy fats: 65% are monounsaturated, like olive oil, 26% polyunsaturated and only a small part (minus 10%) are saturated fats.

Furthermore, almonds contain B vitamins which are essential for the integrity of the skin, mucous membranes and especially the cornea.

The benefits of almonds are multiple and are essential for a healthy and balanced diet.

We at Fine Taste do not want to write a treatise but we think it is worth briefly recalling some of them:

1) For pregnant women: its richness in proteins and minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) makes them particularly beneficial during pregnancy, also helping to stimulate the production of breast milk;

2) Excellent alternative to milk: almonds are so rich in calcium that they are a good alternative to dairy products to guarantee the supply of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which are necessary for the formation and regeneration of bones and teeth;

3) Cardiac protection: the unsaturated fats in almonds are fundamental for the heart, in particular their monounsaturated fatty acids: they lower the level of bad LDL cholesterol and promote the increase in HDL cholesterol, which helps prevent cardiovascular accidents;

4) For young people and for those who love sporting activity: almonds are a restorative and toning food because they are a good source of proteins, especially for children and adolescents, and also for athletes. The richness of unsaturated fatty acids and phosphorus makes them highly recommended for increasing intellectual performance and "nourishing" the brain

Finally, how many almonds can you eat per day?

The daily quantity of almonds and more generally of dried fruit not to be exceeded is approximately 30-35 grams which corresponds to approximately 15-20 almonds.


Production area: Puglia – S. Spirito – Bari

Cultivation system: Vase

Harvest: By hand

Format: 250 gr

Producer: Bisceglie Maria Company Via Nicholas Green, 20 70127 S. Spirito – Bari

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