Giorgio Poeta – Propolis mother tincture – 10 ml dropper bottle

Giorgio Poeta – Tintura madre di Propoli  vendita online a prezzi competitivi su

Giorgio Poeta – Propolis mother tincture – 10 ml dropper bottle

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Giorgio Poeta – Propolis mother tincture – 10 ml dropper bottle

The properties of Propolis, as in the Beehive, are to prevent and repair damage to the barriers of our organism: oral (and therefore throat), respiratory and genital mucosa, but also the skin itself. Thanks to its benefits, propolis constitutes an excellent defense against bacterial and viral invaders. The convenient 10 ml dropper bottle is designed to help you defend yourself from external aggressions.

Data sheet

Country of origin: Italy

Collection area : Umbria-Marche Apennines (peaks between 750 and 1200 m).

Product description: The propolis in the 10 ml dropper bottle contains resinous exudate collected by bees on the stems of various arboreal plants, mixed with wax and salivary enzymes to become an insulating and disinfectant material inside the hive. It has a typical balsamic-spicy aroma and a rather bitter flavor (minimum propolis concentration of 40%). Origin: Leaf buds and cracks in the bark of Populus nigra - alba (poplars) and Cupressus sempervirens (cypresses): possible derivation also from alders, elms, birches, willows.

Active ingredients: Each bottle of propolis contains approximately 80-100 different constituents. A pool of antioxidants occupies up to 70% of the product, found in the balsamic resin and in the essential oil quota; here we also include the volatile compounds that give propolis its typical balsamic-spicy aroma. They include an incredible quantity of phenolic compounds (pinocembrin, galangin, naringenin, chrysin, etc.), phenolic and aromatic acids (including above all p-coumarinic, ferulic, caffeic acid, etc.) and their derivatives. There are also sesquiterpenes (alcohols) such as β-eudesmol, cadinenes (α, γ, δ, τ), α-muurolene and others.

Micronutrients: they are also present due to the pollen content (5%), include mineral salts (at least 35: magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, etc.) and vitamins (B1, B2, B3 , B5, B6, C, and E).

Other organic compounds: (5%) are represented by proteins, ketones and aromatic aldehydes, tannins, plant steroids, stilbenes (e.g. resveratrol), polysaccharides and also enzymes (β-glucosidase, succinic dehydrogenase, glucose-6-phosphatase, adenosine triphosphatase, acid phosphatase).

Nutraceutical properties

Anti-inflammatory effect: comparable to that of flurbiprofen.

Reparative effect: (stimulate collagen synthesis) treatment of gastric ulcers, therapy of acne vulgaris and in the healing of burns and wounds, with a power comparable to that of silver sulfadiazine.

Oral hygiene: Prevents the formation of plaque and the onset of periodontitis, with a less toxic action on the gums than products containing chlorhexidine.

Intimate hygiene: Helps prevent and moderate the symptoms caused by chronic vaginal infections.

Contraindications: People allergic to bee venom, suffering from asthma or with a high incidence of allergies (in particular hay allergy towards Graminaceae, Cupressaceae, Betulaceae, Salicaceae, Fagaceae, etc.) should avoid taking any bee venom product. 'hive, including the propolis of the 10 ml dropper bottle. It is always advisable to carry out allergy tests before starting therapy with propolis drops. Particular caution is required for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and especially pediatric children, for whom propolis may contribute to causing allergic sensitization phenomena.

Recommendations for use: As with all hive products, it shows a dose-dependent effect. Propolis in drops can be used in many contexts, given the wide range of applications: 20-30 drops dissolved in a glass of water for gargling during sore throats and flu stages, as a mouthwash (in case of gingivitis , periodontitis or dentin sensitivity) or even for the disinfection of toothbrushes. The same solution can be applied for brushing on acne eruptions or pimples to aid disinfection and aid the skin repair process. Propolis mixed at 5% in intimate cleanser can be used for daily intimate hygiene. We recommend a maximum oral intake of 3 ml per day (approximately 120 drops).

Storage method: Store propolis in a 10 ml dropper bottle at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Expiry date: 3 years

Packaging: Dark glass bottle with dropper.

Net weight: 10ml

Certification: MiPAAF certified organic product, Controlled operator n° 44913.

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