Why buy an artisanal panettone? Seven points to consider

by Redazione Fine Taste

From a confectionery point of view, without taking anything away from the hundreds of delicious local specialities, Christmas is synonymous with panettone.

On the market, both online and offline, there are an infinite number of proposals and prices, often with large fluctuations, which create an effect of confusion and confusion due to the presence of industrial products, medium quality artisan products and high standing artisan products. and of great refinement.

If there is no doubt that in recent years consumer taste is rewarding everything that is artisanal, or presumed to be artisanal, how do you recognize an excellent artisanal panettone? What characteristics should it have? What ingredients? At what price?

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1. The price

Let's start with the price, which often penalizes truly excellent products in favor of poorer products (and which, paradoxically, have a less convenient quality/price ratio!).

Far be it from us to demonize industrial or medium-level panettone, it is right that you can choose based on your preferences, availability, occasions and occasions.

There is no high-quality artisanal panettone that is "cheap", its price can be more than ten times that of an industrial one, so it is essential to recognize if and when it is really worth it.

Very often the adjective "artisan" is used inappropriately: defining a product as "artisan" does not mean that it is necessarily tastier, healthier or with better ingredients, on the contrary.

2. Aesthetic impact

Oh yes, let's start right here. After all, as soon as we open the package it is our eyes that are stimulated first! The overall appearance is fundamental, the sense of profound pleasure and predisposition to tasting arises at this moment: colour, finishing, volume are all determining variables: the irresistible appeal of artisanal panettone is also this...

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3. The cut: the honeycombing and the candied fruit

How many times, cutting the panettone and looking at the holes inside, have you wondered why they form and whether it is really a good thing that they are there?

Those holes, in technical jargon, are called alveoli. The alveolation of the panettone depends on the quantity and size of these holes. To be a high quality panettone the honeycomb must be as uniform and well developed as possible. This is a fundamental point: the greater the alveolation, the greater the freshness and quality of the panettone. For what reason? The more air left in the dough, the dryer and dryer it becomes. For this reason industrial panettones have small honeycombs. They are produced to have a much higher shelf life than fresh, artisanal products.

Furthermore, a light, fluffy consistency indicates that the leavening took place with adequate times and therefore the cooking also took place in the correct way.

This is the reason why Fine Taste offers you the opportunity to immediately purchase artisanal panettone from real Master Pastry Chefs but will deliver them to you starting from the end of November: we want to offer you a very fresh product, made especially for you, that you can enjoy in optimal conditions! If you invest 35-40 euros for an artisanal product, you need to have a little patience and wait to eat it almost immediately!

And the quality of the candied fruit?

You will admit that dull, pale candied fruit in small quantities does not do justice to this wonderful dessert. The candids must be present in the right proportion, have a nice bright color and, above all, be of high quality.

4. The perfume and its complexity

Panettone must intrigue even when we bring it to our nose, it must smell of butter, fresh, it must make us want to bite into it and taste it. There must be no chemical scents or strange smells. You must perceive the quality of the ingredients used.

To be able to capture the complex aromas and various nuances, the product must be made to perfection.

Always read the list of ingredients on the label: origin, processing method and, crucially, the expiry date. The fewer preservatives there are, the closer the expiry date will be.

5. The taste

Finally, after having appreciated its aesthetics and scent, the long-awaited moment arrives: the tasting! The panettone should melt in the mouth, release its wonderful aromas gradually, offer a pleasant sensation of balance between the various flavors and not form a gummy and indigestible morsel. Perfectly balanced freshness, fatness, texture and moisture. The perfect bite!

Try our award-winning artisanal panettone

6. The memory

Tasting a quality panettone that is rewarding not only for the palate but also for the memory. The pleasant experience will remain imprinted in your memory, the true yardstick for evaluating a high quality product. Perfect satisfaction.

7. Tips for enjoying it to the fullest

Before saying goodbye, we leave you with some small suggestions for the correct preservation and presentation of panettone. You will amaze your guests with a real taste sensation:

  • Panettone should not be kept exposed to sunlight or heat, it should be stored in a cool, dry place (not in the kitchen!);
  • It's better to eat it after letting the butter soak for a minute in the oven, which is turned off and preheated to 150°.

At this point the desire to taste a high quality artisanal panettone must have arisen...

Here are our proposals for you:

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