15 gourmet gifts for Christmas under 50 euros.

by Redazione Fine Taste

With the arrival of Christmas, our suggestion for an effective and always appreciated gourmet gift could not be missing.

We had fun associating particular products for different types of customers.

Here are our 15 gourmet gifts for Christmas under 50 euros.

1. The “enostripped”

We know this type of customer very well: always looking for wine that surprises, that makes a good impression with friends, that has unique characteristics in terms of rarity and origin.

One of our Christmas gourmet gifts is undoubtedly the Barbaresco Damasco DOCG 2019.

It has everything to conquer: it is one of the great Italian wines par excellence, it has a very limited production and is produced in an absolutely artisanal and ethical way. As if that weren't enough, it is the only Piedmontese wine that can boast the EQUALITAS certification, i.e. the certification of three production dimensions: the company, the finished product and the territory.

Rated 94/100 by Doctorwine.

2. The “cheese lovers”

Time for lunches and dinners with friends and time for mouth-watering artisan cheeses.

We strongly suggest one of our new entries, Pecorino di Fossa Romagnolo , a rare cheese that is matured underground for at least five months.

This is a technique born in the Renaissance period when, out of necessity, food was hidden in holes to hide it from looting. It was soon realized that this "burying" gave the cheeses (particularly pecorino) unique organoleptic qualities. The habitat of the pit gave marked aromas of undergrowth, a rich but well-balanced flavour, between sweet and spicy. Characteristics that are still found today and that can be recognized in this artisanal pecorino from Romagna.

3. The “chocolates”

For chocolate addicts, we have no doubts: artisanal chocolate . Slitti, among the most awarded in the world, will give you a voluptuous and delicious Christmas.

Let's face it frankly: who doesn't love chocolate? We prefer dark chocolate, but everyone has their own tastes. If you are curious to know seven healthy reasons to eat dark chocolate read our BLOG here.

4. The “curious”

Again, don't panic. We have what's right for you. From a small artisan company in Cilento, organic DOP dried figs : a riot of taste and sensuality.

Soft, enveloping, without preservatives or chemical additives. One of our most successful products.

5. The “experimenters”

For all those who love cooking, who want to try and experiment with new dishes and new techniques or who want to emulate great chefs: a refined book from the Bibliotheca Culinaria.

The historic publishing house specializing in everything relating to cooking and fine dining techniques.

6. The “travellers”

For those who love to travel, discover new tastes and new territories. For those who are never satisfied with emotions.

A voucher to try one of our taste experiences directly from our producers.

Highest quality products in breathtaking locations. Seeing is believing!

If you want to learn more, read our BLOG dedicated to the most evocative tastings in Northern Italy.

7. The “Slow Food Presidia”

Two very particular passito wines, Slow Food presidia due to their rarity and peculiarity.

Santo Trentino wine

The Santo del Trentino wine is obtained from 100% Nosiola grapes, the rare and only true native Trentino vine which represents only 1.5% of the total production of Trentino grapes.

Consider that from approximately 10 kilos of fresh Nosiola grapes, you get just 1.5-1.8 liters of Vino Santo must and that after bottling it can even age for over 50 years. We tasted one from 1970...Speechless!

The Sciacchetrà of the Cinque Terre Natural Park

Sciacchetrà is a singular passito wine, unique in its genesis and result, produced with forest grapes, plus Albarola and Vermentino, grown on impervious cliffs with extreme slopes.

On our blog we have dedicated an entire article to this wine masterpiece. Marvelous! In this case the price is slightly higher but we didn't feel like leaving it out of this ranking: one of our most loved wines.

For further information on both wines read:

Vino Santo del Trentino: history, places of production and characteristics

The Sciacchetrà of the Cinque Terre: symbol of a land and Slow Food Presidium

8. The “lovers of high-quality extra virgin olive oils”

Thanks to the collaboration with the Golden Lion International, an international competition that every year rewards the best oils in the world, we are able to offer you a wide selection of superlative extra virgin olive oils.

For all palates and all budgets. Have fun with your choice. Did you know that extra virgin olive oil has a lot of benefits for our health? If you want to learn more, read our BLOG here.

9. The “health enthusiasts”

Let's make this premise first: 90% of the products in our catalog are organic. The great quality of the products cannot ignore non-invasive production methods that respect environmental biodiversity.

If you want to experience the taste of true Tuscan tradition , of the biodynamic production of fruit and vegetables and of natural respect for the times of nature, don't miss our selection of artisanal products from the Radici estate, in the Casentino area. The truest and most uncontaminated Tuscany.

10. The “carnivores”

For those who really can't do without "fat" and need a product that makes their mouth water: the artisanal Nobile di Brignano salami .

The artisanal salami “Nobile” from Brignano owes its name “Nobile” to its extraordinary characteristics.

First of all for the raw material: only pigs from selected national farms, controlled feeding and careful selection of animals.

The scent, the aroma but above all the softness despite the long maturation are truly unmatched.

For those who want, however, to savor the flavors of mountain huts, they will find something to delight in with the artisanal game sauces of a small company in Trentino.

11. The “beer-stripped”

What about those who only drink beer? Who can't imagine a day without a refreshing and satisfying sip of quality beer?

No problem:our rare, award-winning craft beers won't make you look bad. Indeed, you will surprise your most demanding and prepared guests!

12. The “lovers of honey in all its nuances”

The famous organic honey by Giorgio Poeta could not be missing from this ranking, an artisanal honey that tells a story made of flavours, aromas and tradition, a point of reference for all gourmet enthusiasts.

Give the gift of “La Stella” acacia honey which is obtained by infusing star anise in honey and the famous “Carato”, the only Italian honey aged in barrique, with a surprising flavour. A jewel.

Don't underestimate the great properties of honey for your health: very rich in antioxidants, it improves heart health, facilitates the healing of wounds and is easily integrated into any diet. If you want to learn more, read our blog: the seven benefits of honey for our health.

13. The “balsamics”

For those who appreciate soft and sweet and sour flavours, a unique and inimitable condiment. One of the iconic products of our country! Traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena!

From one of the oldest vinegar factories in Modena, the liquid gold par excellence. What a show!

14. The “bubble addicts”

For those who "it's not Christmas without bubbles" we offer you a rich selection of the best bubbles from our best producers . High quality sparkling wines, awarded by sector guides and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

15. The “panettonari”

Last but not least, the Christmas gift par excellence! Artisanal Panettone!

As far as we're concerned, it's not Christmas without an artisanal panettone from a great pastry chef. A must!

We are fans of the highest quality Italian artisanal leavened products and we couldn't help but represent them in the best way.

What we offer you is a selection of the highest level; we are deeply convinced that those who taste a great artisanal panettone will fall in love with it and will no longer be able to go back to the usual commercial products from large-scale retail trade.

All our artisanal panettones come from pastry shops that have been awarded by sector magazines and specialized competitions. Don't worry, whatever artisanal panettone you decide to buy on our site, it will not disappoint you. You will taste a truly extraordinary product, prepared specifically for you and which will arrive at your home in the condition of maximum freshness and fragrance.

Why buy an artisanal panettone? Seven points to consider